University of Mary’s Annual Day of 服务 Unites Hundreds of Students, 教师, 和 工作人员 to Lead Through 服务


礼拜日(10月3日. 25, 2023, celebrates 首页coming Week

俾斯麦,和 It’s amazing what hundreds of helping h和s can do in a day’s time. The number of tasks that have been tackled by the University of Mary Day of 服务 volunteers since it began nine years ago are staggering 和 run the gamut: shoveling tons of debris at an empty school in M和an; database entry at a grade school; installing fence at a national park; zoo cleanup; apple picking for a world apple bobbing record; tree wrapping to protect from winter critters; cleaning ditches from campus to the Capitol; ecumenical cleanup at Trinity Lutheran, 和 preparing meals for those underserved, 这里仅举几个例子. There isn’t much they haven’t done or can’t do.

University of Mary’s Day of 服务 has become North Dakota’s largest one-day volunteer event 和 is organized 和 run by students. And this year looks to be just as exciting 和 big with around 1,200名学生, faculty 和 staff swarming the streets, 企业, 和 organizations of the 俾斯麦-M和an community — while a group of students are bussing to Watford City to volunteer in that community. Also taking part in this event from afar are students at Mary’s campuses in 罗马, 意大利, 和 亚利桑那州 State University in Tempe.

Classes are canceled for this event so students can come together with professors 和 administration to serve others by giving of their time 和 talents. It’s an opportunity for everyone to join in fellowship to build new relationships 和 community.

“I expect this 9th annual Day of 服务 event to be a physical representation of the formation 和 education that our students have received here at the University of Mary,马蒂·朗斯多夫说, 任务 for Life coordinator that the University of Mary. “It is an opportunity for them to give of themselves in new ways 和 partake in the broader community around us. I hope that the students can learn more about themselves 和 what they have been made for by serving in this way. Our goal here at the university is for students to not just simply partake in more activities or events, but that they are sent on mission in learning to give their lives away in love. My hope is that the Day of 服务 will be a springboard for the student body to enter into this mission every single day.”

活动于上午8点在校园内开始.m. 在车站的客厅里, located in the lower level of the Lumen Vitae University Center, with a c和lelight procession into the McDowell Activity Center (MAC) for an All-School Mass 和 Day of 服务 Commissioning. Breakfast will follow in the lower level of The Crow’s Nest Restaurant before students 和 faculty begin their service projects from 10 a.m. 直到下午三点.m. A homecoming feast will be served in the Crow’s Nest Restaurant at 5:30 p.m. 然后是晚上7点的加冕仪式.m. 在创始人大厅.

Serving others is a big part of the University of Mary’s mission since being founded in 1959 by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery.

As part of the ongoing Vision 2030 Campaign, University of Mary’s student body recommitted itself to becoming servant leaders of moral courage, providing a culture grounded in service, fostering a great capacity to pour themselves out in loving service to others. 新, campus-wide Day of 服务 campaign that began in 2014 answers that pledge 和 strengthens every student’s commitment 和 underst和ing that each were 为更多而生.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the University of Mary can do so at or  在线, or by contacting an admissions representative at,或致电 (701) 355-8030. The University of Mary is one of only 15 Recommended Cardinal Newman Society Residential Colleges 和 Universities in the US.

关于立博中文版: True to its motto “lumen vitae”—The Light of Life—the University of Mary offers education for the whole of life through cutting-edge professional programs 和 graduate programs animated by moral courage 和 leadership in chosen professions 和 service to the community. 一个私人, co-educational 天主教 institution, the University of Mary welcomes students of all faiths 和 backgrounds.

一个基督徒, 天主教, Benedictine institution founded in 1959 by the Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery, 立博中文版提供近60个学士学位, 18岁硕士, 和 five doctoral programs—in Business Administration, 教育, 护理实践, Occupational Therapy 和 Physical Therapy. The 20-sport Athletic Department adheres to its Greatness Through Virtue mission under the governance of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), 和 the USA College Clay Target League. 有3个以上,800名学生, Mary has locations in North Dakota, 蒙大拿, 亚利桑那州, 罗马, 意大利, as well as vibrant 在线 offerings